The Colour Box

8 Apr

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Into the history of Antigua in the slave days step the Hart sisters. How does one own another human being? The Colour Box is indeed colourful. Barbara Anne Waite paints pictures with her words. Having been in Antigua for many years before, I know the places she mentions. I smell the ducana. I see the paintbox of colours in the foliage and the people. So many beautiful shades! And the story is precious and keenly sensitive dealing with the issue of race. We see the grief of Anne and Elizabeth as their father inherited as a free black a plantation and owning slaves that he did not ask for. The answer? Love and education and faith. So many scenes are sweet- Barry Hart, their father, dancing with Annie when they learn that the Declaration of Independence in the US declares all men equal. Will it come to Antigua and how? How will plantation life end? Barbara Waite has delved into the history of those days and basic facts- a Sunday school to educate and teach, as education is the key to ending the injustice. I love this book. One can see, sense, smell, experience the Caribbean and the rich history of the beautiful people that live there

Just finished reading “The Colour Box” and was completely charmed. This historical novel is based on the lives of two free bi-racial sisters on the island of Antigua in the 1700 and 1800’s. They were educated and extraordinary, using their talent and knowledge to teach many plantation slaves to read and write. There is a beautiful love story in this book for both the sisters who married later in life and whose husbands joined in and encouraged their activities. Teaching and reaching out to the less fortunate continued throughout their lives. A beautiful timely and captivating read that is both entertaining and educational.
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  1. Rita Covalt June 19, 2021 at 6:52 pm #

    THE COLOUR BOX by Barbara Anne Waite is a must read for all of you who enjoy history, education, romance, etc. I lived in Antigua for 14 years so a lot of these names and places are very familiar to me. Barbara has done a great job of telling the story of two mixed race girls/ladies and their families and how God used them in quiet ways through educating the slaves many years ago.

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