First Northern Arizona Fair- 1913

2 Dec

Among Elsie’s papers was a tattered, detailed,  program for the First Northern Arizona Fair. It is dated Oct. 28, 1913.  I thought it was delightful. Several years later Tom Mix, the director of the events at the fair was one of the highest paid “movie stars.”  Here are some excerpts from that treasured program.

Program of Track Sports:

1. 1/2 mile free-for-all. First money $100. Each horse is to carry at least 110 pounds.

2. Quadrile on horseback.

3. Exercises by Troop L, 5th Cavalry U.S.A.

Special Events:

Fancy shooting by Capt. A.H. Hardy, who uses Peters Cartridges.

Exhibition Flight – L.F. Nixon uses a Curtis Bi-Plane with an 8 cylinder, 60 horse-powered engine.

Potato Race- Two mounted teams of four men ech contest to see which can carry the most potatoes from a depot to their respective goals, using a wooden spear to carry the potatoes.

Broncho Busting by Tom Mix. Mr. Mix is a recognized King of the Saddle.

Pony Express- By Tom Mix- Exhibition of how the trans- continental mail was carried before the railroad, at the time when the U.S. Government had a standing offer of $10,000.  for the man who could make the trip from St. Jo, Mo. to San Francisco in less than 18 days.

Special Event:

Tug of War between picked teams of Cavalrymen and Cowboys.

Fancy Shooting , by Mr. and Mrs. Ad Toperwein, using Winchester rifles, shotguns and ammunition.

Northern Arizona Burro handicap:

Age limit, 12 years. The boys who come in first with banners get the first prizes. No rider shall get off his burro or punch another boy in trying to take his banner away.

 Prizes- First: $ 10. suit of clothes given by Biles Lockhart  Clothing Co.

Second: $5 cash given by W.O. Ruggles.

Third: Pair of shoes by B. B. Co. 

 Fourth: hat by Ed Block.

Fifth:  knife by Arizona Mining Co.

Consolation prizes- First boy in without a banner: $2 sweater by Biles-Lockhart Co.  All other entrants 2 seats by Elks Theatre.


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  1. robin August 28, 2017 at 9:06 pm #

    I wish there was more of that old fashioned fun still around these days! This was a lot of fun to read. I love the prizes, and could just picture each of these events!

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