14 Feb

Feb.14th 2012- Arizona celebrates its 100th birthday today. Happy Valentines Day. I shared in the book a Valentine remembrance Elsie loved to tell about. She received a special Valentine while teaching in Arizona that was chocolate covered soap. Her chuckle when telling this story filled the room with her effervescent joy. She had a chuckle that was like none other I have ever heard. It seemed to come from her toes and traveled all the way to her heart and out her mouth filling the room with mirth.
In the book I share about Eva Girdner’s memory of the first Arizona statehood celebration that occurred in Oak Creek Canyon. She shared that there were about 25 families living along the beautiful lower Oak Creek. When word arrived that statehood had been granted the Arizona territory the news was passed to all the families along the creek to meet for a picnic. The children celebrated with foot and burro races. Eva’s mother made her a special red, white and blue dress for the occasion. I wonder which child had the privilege to ride his burro shouting the news of statehood and announcing the celebratory picnic. Somehow it seems that an e-mail or telephone call would never be as exciting as watching a child arriving breathless with the news that the territory was now the State of Arizona! I think “Elsie” would be a great movie. Much of what she wrote creates a vivid picture in my mind.
My Valentine arrived last evening in the form of a book order of 50 books for AZ Nat. Parks. I am also excited that in April Costco (in Prescott) has asked me to come for a book signing. I keep thinking how Elsie would be delighted with this news.
Special thanks to all who have added a review or clicked the like button on Elsie’s Amazon page. I think those reviews really encourage others to buy the book. I am grateful and thrilled that all 21 reviews are all 5 star.


  1. Connie (Anjuli) February 16, 2012 at 4:17 pm #

    I am so enjoying the book- I downloaded (uploaded…something loaded) it onto my kindle app on my Ipad. I love the pictures…and so far everything I’ve read.

    Really a GREAT story and a wonderful woman!!

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