“Elsie” is One Year Old!

27 Oct

Elsie was first offered on Amazon on Nov.6th,2011.  This book has been an adventure for me and has gone far beyond my expectations. I am so grateful for those that have written generous reviews and those that have sent notes of encouragement.  I have been delighted to make new friends as a result of the interest in the book.

All I asked for was that I could break even on the production costs. I have already done that.  I have sold over 1,200+ in print and the Kindle book sales are very surprising. This month, in the first 25 days, 510 Kindle copies have sold.  Since January I think Kindle sales are about 3,000. Elsie has remained #1 in KIndle Memoirs/West and fluctuates between #2 and #3 in Kindle Memoirs/Educators. Perhaps it has sold well  because I have kept the price lower than many memoirs.

So I have chosen to lower the print edition price on Amazon to $11.99. This will begin tomorrow. If  anyone would like to order an autographed copy directly from me I will match Amazon’s price and pay the shipping. (I will have to add sales tax for California residents.) I am excited that I have had book clubs ask if I would consider a bulk price and  I will be happy to do that. I spent last evening speaking at a local book club gathering  and I loved the time sharing a little more about what made Elsie unique.

“Elsie” is a finalist in the New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards for best Arizona Memoir.  We are traveling to Albuquerque Nov 16th for the awards ceremony.  On Nov. 18th I have been asked to attend the “Singing Winds Bookshop Thanksgiving Fiesta” in Benson, AZ.  This is a unique Bookshop that  will have several authors doing readings from their books.  Here is the website for that event : http://www.bensonvisitorcenter.com.

Next “Tidbit” I hope to do a book review on the interesting book  Appetite for America- How Fred Harvey Built a Railroad Hospitality Empire That Civilized the Wild West. It is by Stephen Fried.  After her year in isolated Cornville Elsie enjoyed the Harvey House in Williams and El Tovar at the Grand Canyon. Both of these were rather amazing establishments that  have a unique place in the development of the West, the result of the vision of Fred Harvey.

Will Rodgers said of Fred Harvey:

“Wild buffalo fed the early traveler in the West and for doing so they put his picture on a nickel. Well,Fred Harvey took up where the buffalo left off. For what he has done for the traveler, one of his waitress’ pictures (with an arm load of delicious ham and eggs) should be placed on both sides of every dime. He has kept the West in food–and wives.”

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  1. Darlene October 27, 2012 at 3:50 am #

    Praise the Lord Barb. Another friend of mine just recently got the Elsie book. Thanks for being the author and sharing history with us.

  2. Vickie December 3, 2012 at 9:07 am #

    I just finished reading the Kindle edition of your book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will recommend it to a cousin of mine who recently moved to AZ. I jotted down the names of a lot of the books Elsie noted in her journal and she inspired me to go back and reread Dickens!! I also found it interesting how social people were then .. we are so “easily” entertained at home these days that we don’t spend much time visiting with our neighbors. Thanks for sharing your book for Kindle.

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